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Frederick 20 October 2012 This is a story created by my daughter Kyra and me on an underground train in the autumn of 2012. We had just been to watch West Ham beat Southampton and we were on our way back to Brighton. I have left it in all its originally glory from the train, because it's a fond memory, and I don't want to taint that by 'improving' it.
Change 1 August 2013 Written for the campfire at the Brighton Buddhist Centre's 2013 Family Retreat.
Wisdom 9 September 2013 I first thought of this short story whilst discussing wisdom during a kula group meeting at the Buddhafield 2013 Family Friendly Retreat on Dartmoor.
Gratitude 1 August 2014 Written for the campfire at the Brighton Buddhist Centre's 2014 Family Retreat.
Wind 17 August 2014 This was a story written for the last night cabaret at the 2014 Buddhafield Family Friendly Retreat. It required an element of crowd participation: whenever I asked, “What's for dinner, I wonder?” the audience replied with, “Oh no! Not lentils again!” And then the band would make an appropirate sound effect...
The Hope of Gods 11 December 2014 This was written as a thank you to the staff at the Royal Alexandra Children's Hospital, who had cared so brilliantly for my daughter during her recent hospital stay.
Fortunes Always Hiding 23 January 2015 This was a story entered for the Songs of Praise FA Cup Fans Choir Competition ( Songs of Praise were looking for stories that reflected the personal memories and passion of the FA Cup. The winners would get to sing Abide with Me, backed by the FA Cup Final military band, in front of 90,000 people on the hallowed ground at Wembley.
Freedom 10 August 2015 Written for the campfire at the Brighton Buddhist Centre's 2015 Family Retreat. The poetry was penned by Matt Quinn. Listen to a recording of the story from the campfire.
The Druid 22 September 2015 I told this to my daughters and their friends over candlelight at a sleepover one night.
Eric 1 December 2015 There's elements of me in Eric, but I don't live in a tree.
The Earth and the Moon 31 July 2016 Told around the campfire at the Brighton Buddhist Centre's Family Retreat on Thursday 28th July. The theme of the retreat was Friendship. The limericks, shown in italics, were written by Matt Quinn. They were sung by Matt and Jo, accompanied by Matt strumming the chords C, G and F on guitar.