I have completed 2 sponsored cycles to raise money for Kings College Hospital.

My first challenge was a Land's End to John O'Groats Cycle, 4 - 16 May 2010. The trip was completed over a very tiring 12 days and raised an amazing £3100 for King's.

The second challenge was a London to Nice Cycle, 16 – 30 May 2012. This took 2 weeks and raised over £4600 for King's. 

You can read more about the challenges below.

Only one-third of King's budget comes from the UK government - the rest it has to raise. If you are interested in raising money for the hospital, please get in touch with  the King's Fundraising Department.

I'm now trying to think of the next challenge, which I will do for Great Ormond Street. One that tops cycling the length of Britain and France. Any ideas? If so, please mail