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The Earth and the Moon

31 July 2016

Told around the campfire at the Brighton Buddhist Centre's Family Retreat on Thursday 28th July. The theme of the retreat was Friendship.

The limericks, shown in italics, were written by Matt Quinn. They were sung by Matt and Jo, accompanied by Matt strumming the chords C, G and F on guitar.

A long, long time ago, long before you and I were little more than a distant hope in the mind of our father's greatest of grandfathers, Earth was a huge angry mass of volcanic rock. She had a very fiery temper and, at the thought of anyone approaching within a million miles of her highest peak, she would erupt in a fit of molten rock. And so, it came about, that the Earth had no friends, whatsoever. And because she had no friends, Earth got angrier and angrier, until she was so angry, she was at the point of exploding into oblivion.